Thursday, June 7, 2012

things i've learned about making a baby so far...

1. when you try to make a baby, it doesn't happen. when you don't try to, it does.

2. whoever coined the term "morning sickness" must have been an unmarried man. otherwise, it would be called "the 24/7 pregnant flu that can last more than three months".

2a. oyster crackers don't work for everyone.

2b. don't eat bacon when pregnant.

3. pregnant brain equates to zero brain.

4. hearing your baby's heartbeat for the first time (for me, june 4th, 2012) is an incredible experience, but without seeing ultrasound pictures, it still feels like you are just growing some sort of alien that makes you throw up.

5. people talk about how exciting being pregnant is--which DO NOT GET ME WRONG, it is.--but they do not talk about the scary feeling discussed above--feeling like you have some creature growing inside of you.


  1. First, Congratulations! Yay! 2nd...

    1) Feels like it, doesn't it? It was definitely a concerted effort for us. In fact, there was one event I'll let her tell you about someday that almost caused us to call it all off. I don't think she'll ever forgive me :D

    2) Agreed!
    2a) Cheeseburgers, maybe.
    2b) Didn't like that one so much, eh?
    3) That's been an adventure for us, too!
    4) This is where we're actually _very_ fortunate. We've had ultrasounds throughout the entire process. However, if you don't mind the probe, I'm sure you could ask for one, too...
    5) Bwaahh! 8(|

  2. Congratulations Ariel! How exciting! I wanted to ask you when I saw you at church when you were going to have a baby, but you never ask that question ;) but I was wondering!

    If you would have asked me I would have told you the truth about pregnancy - it is so hard. And I hate when women tell you how wonderful it is - because its' not. But it is SOOO worth it.

    I am excited to follow your blog - I love it!